Outdoor Fountains and Sky Lanterns Make Wedding Celebrations More Special

May 18, 2017

Since your wedding day marks the start of a new stage in your life, it should be a spectacular celebration. There is no better way to accomplish this goal than to add fireworks to your reception with such elements as outdoor fountains and sky lanterns just for two ideas of pyrotechnics that add splendour to this special day. Below, we offer a few suggestions on how to use each one of these elements to enhance your celebration.

How to Display Outdoor Fountains

  • One idea for displaying outdoor firework fountains is to line the street that you will drive down after the wedding with them. Place an equal number on each side of the street. Remember that you will need special permissions for this use unless it is on the property of your wedding or reception venue.
  • Illuminate the front of your wedding venue when it is an evening one to heighten the excitement of the event for the guests as they arrive.
  • Highlight the cutting of your cake by placing the outdoor fountains behind the table. Time the fountains to go off just as you slice through the cake.
  • You can even have the fountains behind the altar as you say your vows or pose for your wedding photos.
  • Come up with your own unique method for displaying these fountains outdoors at your wedding ceremony and/or reception.

Fun Ways to Add Sky Lanterns to Your Wedding Celebration

Sky lanterns gently float up into the sky and illuminate the evening. They can even appear as stars when they reach enough height. Below, you will discover enjoyable ways to add these lanterns to your wedding event:

  • Provide a 'make a wish' section to allow your guests to send up a lantern along with their wishes for their future. Instead of throwing coins in a water fountain, they will stand in awe as they watch their lanterns drift up into the sky.
  • Have the sky lanterns illuminate the sky as you leave your reception to head to your honeymoon destination. These floating lights in the evening sky will provide a mystical feeling to this celebratory event.

For additional info about how outdoor fountains and sky lanterns make wedding celebrations more special, consult with Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays. We provide these elements along with other types of pyrotechnic displays to create the ideal wedding event for your preferences and needs. Make your dream day as memorable as possible with the help of our services and products.

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