Fireworks for Sporting Events

March 24, 2017

Colourful and dynamic pyrotechnic displays are major elements at many sporting events today. Dazzling fireworks accompany celebratory tributes for sports team winners, competitive skiing championship awards and outdoor golf club events following exciting tournaments. As complex designs in myriad sparkling hues light up the sky and a shower of shooting flames ignite overhead, delighted sports fans and avid party-goers raise their glasses and voices to cheer the happy occasion. No one can resist the enthusiasm and joy generated by a modern fire and flame-works show with extra effects and endless new colour patterns set free in the heavens to announce and celebrate the winners of games artfully played.

Popular Fireworks Displayed at Today's Sporting Events

Some of the most frequently requested pyrotechnic displays requested for sporting events today include the following:

  • Flash Pots. - Bright flashing pots of fire generate brilliant, shimmering flames and a haunting blanket of smoke, adding a sense of drama and mystery to the halftime show at soccer or baseball games. Fans of all ages are mesmerised by this active display of beauty and excitement to mirror and emphasize the exhilarating sports event and it is yet to be seen outcome.
  • Flame Jets and Gerb-Fountains. - These special effects create low-drifting fog with shooting flames and a smokey haziness to provide an intriguing ambiance of wonder and enchantment at outdoor golf club celebrations following captivating tournaments. This display is especially pleasing when surrounded by the cool evening expanse of the velvet-textured course beneath a twinkling starlit sky.
  • Multi-Coloured Fireworks. - The latest fascinating fireworks in dynamic, brilliant colouration and patterns are designed to burst out suddenly, adorning the sky with continuously blooming, multi-hued brush strokes of glorious light. In varied sequences of appearance, they arrive as singular visual performance-displays, then join together in delightful collages of brilliance to celebrate the winners of a marathon or biking race.
  • Balloon Explosions. - A cascade of balloons descending dramatically from the sky as a spectacular closing to a skydiving or water skiing event will lend a sense of playful joy and levity to celebrate these dramatic sports events. Fans rejoice in these displays, often competing among themselves to catch and claim balloons as mementos of such exciting sports competitions.
  • Theme Fireworks. - At children's ball games, swimming meets or ice skating events, fireworks that display popular children's cartoon, TV and movie characters are always popular and requested. When these familiar faces and figures appear in the sky or near the ceiling to celebrate the outcome of these youthful athletic events, every child's face will light-up with pure pleasure and delight.

For the ultimate exciting, exhilarating and beautiful modern fireworks display to light-up the sky or high ceiling of your next sporting event, contact Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays in Dandenong, Victoria. Let these experts design and oversee an amazing program of dynamic colour, brilliance and pizzazz as the highlight of your special athletic competition or display. These pros will customise the show to suit all your preferences and needs, including music and video in the unique fireworks presentation, according to your fondest ideas, whims and dreams.

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