Fireworks and Pyrotechnics for All Occasions Makes Every Celebration Special

February 23, 2017

Regardless of the reason that you wish to host a celebration, there is no better way to add excitement to it than with fireworks and pyrotechnics. With little flashes of lights here and there, special effects for performances or an elaborate outdoor display, you can mesmerize your guests to the point that they will stand in awe of your efforts. Through careful planning, you can make every celebration special with pyrotechnics and fireworks. Consider the following information as you try to decide how these elements can add a spectacular ambiance to your occasion.

Indoor Displays

Confetti cannons add a special flare to an indoor event such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Bar Mitzvah or other indoor gathering. Other ideas include indoor fountains, fireworks signs in the names of the people of honour or other types of pyrotechnic effects. Some select a layer of fog for funerals in keeping with their somber tone. Another way to honour those who pass is a 21-gun salute outdoors that produce noise with aerial sound shells instead of guns. Flame jets, gerbs and flash pots also put on a spectacular show.

Outdoor Displays of Fireworks and Pyrotechnics

When your event is to be outdoors, you can host anywhere from a small show of a variety of display cakes to a large one that includes 300-mm display shells. In addition, today's digital firing system adds background music to the fireworks. In fact, the firework show can be to the music's beat to create the 'wow' factor. Examples of outdoor gatherings that you can enhance with pyrotechnics and fireworks are sporting events, weddings, pool parties, community celebrations and product launches.

Special Effects

If you are in charge of a theatre, movie or concert production, you may be in search of the right special effects to enhance the scenes or music in the appropriate manner. Flame jets, flash pots, a low fog, a smoke haze, confetti cannons, exploding balloons, fountains and gerbs are all possibilities to fulfil your needs along with other pyrotechnics or fireworks.

Come to Airwize to receive professional information about how fireworks and pyrotechnics make every celebration special. We will design all the elements that you wish for your event to enhance it in a top-quality way and include expert operators to control the displays. Our goal is to create such excitement with your event that your guests will talk about it for years to come. On top of all this, we will apply for all necessary permissions and permits to ensure that our displays are legal according to the local codes and regulations.

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