Factors That Affect the Quality and Beauty of Fireworks Displays

February 13, 2017

Fireworks displays mesmerise and astound crowds with their explosions of bright colours and other special effects at one event or another throughout the year. Displays such as these come in both indoor and outdoor versions to suit the needs of the host or hostess of the fireworks or pyrotechnic show. Before hosting one of these displays at one of your own events, though, you need to understand the following factors that can affect the quality and beauty of these displays.


The venue for your display with dictate its size, configuration and show results. You will need to be certain that the venue allows such displays, check local regulations and learn if any permits are necessary before proceeding with your plans. For example, if you are going to add indoor pyrotechnics to a wedding, Bar Mitzvah or other party, you should clear it with the venue owner or manager first.

Weather Conditions

When fog is present in the area, spectators will not have a clear view of the pyrotechnics when it is an outdoor show. If it is windy or rainy, you may not be able to host a fireworks show at all. Always consider the weather when planning an outdoor pyrotechnic display. When possible, you should receive a long-term weather forecast for your area before contracting for the fireworks display.

Air Pollution

If air pollution is present in the area for outdoor displays, the colours of the fireworks may be slightly off in comparison to what that will be in clean air. Pollution contains chemicals that can react slightly with the fireworks to produce a lower-quality display that is not as attractive as you may wish it to be for your event.

The Expertise of the Company Providing the Pyrotechnics

Another factor that may affect the quality and beauty of fireworks displays is the expertise of the pyrotechnic company you decide to hire to set off the fireworks. When you turn to a company that has been in business for awhile, it will know how guide you in the right direction for your fireworks display to bring about the desired results.

Combination of Elements

Since fireworks come in different shapes, sizes, colours and styles, how you combine them will also affect the final outcome. You will want a wide assortment of special effects when you are hosting a large outdoor display.

For further facts about factors that affect the quality and beauty of fireworks displays, contact Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays. We have been thrilling audiences with pyrotechnic displays in Australia since 1998. Satisfaction is our main goal with all of our clients.

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